What does being creative mean to you?

Is it a means of self-expression, a way of life, just the way you are... or as important as 'breathing' to you? Have you ever had to pay a price or go through a bad experience in your life because you are 'creative'? Do you feel accepted & loved or rejected & hated for the same reason? At what age did you discover that you are creative? How do you feel about it now... 
         For me creativity is just a way i am. I always had the power of playing with words but never showed it to anyone only because of lack of confidence in myself not in my writing. Today i am writing my first novel and i am very open about it. Now i use my words and my thoughts as weapon. I bring out my feeling and emotions through words and stand by them as strong as a rock.
                      Creative means finding a unique solution to an old problem. Society, that means us, tends to fall into patterns of behaviors. We do the same ol', same ol' everyday reaching the same results--and perhaps, not being satisfied with those results.                                                       
                            Creative means finding a better way to solve the issues we have with these results and reaching satisfying conclusions. It may not be re-inventing the wheel, only making it rounder so it rolls better--now that's being creative.Creativity is innovative thoughts derived from past experiences and influences. As I have noticed when I have a bad experience, I have pain, but I am given a whole new perspective on life. For me, it is that perspective with is a catalyst for creatively curating. I knew I was creative at a very young age; however, I was not shown how to express it. Now, I embrace each creative project I pursue. 
                 So i can conclude that Creativty is making things simple with less efforts. What do you say?


Design Jobs in Scotland Offered By Concept Personnel

Today i am going to talk about my personal experiance of getting a new job in a design agency . Though i found it difficult in the starting but thanks to Concept Personnel . They helped me a lot . They have offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle , So i never find it difficult in contacting them . When i contacted them i came to know that there tonnes of design and creative jobs are available in my locality. I really appreciate their customer relation manager was quite helpful.

For a start, they only work with clients and candidates in the commercial creative industries allowing us to advise and inform clients and candidates alike with exactly what they are looking for. they don’t operate in any other industries which makes us experts, and great at what they do. their service is informed, responsive, efficient and appropriate. they find the right candidate for the job, and the right job for the candidate.
                      They can do this because they know the creative and marketing industries in Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow intimately. they nurture relationships with potential candidates over years, and so they know who’s good, who’s right, and who’s ready for a fresh challenge. they get to know their clients equally theyll, understanding not just job roles and salaries, but the culture and personality of each company.
                      With over 10 years in recruitment, their database of clients and candidates is second to none in their region, but what really matters is the depth of their knowledge, not just the number of names on the list. they like to think they put people and companies together who are simply right for each other. After all, many of them are their friends.
                There are several ways they can help you at Concept Personnel. If you’re looking for a job, you can browse the hundreds of jobs they have on their theybsite whether you are looking for advertising, marketing, digital or design jobs. You can register, and they’ll keep you up to date with new openings as they arise. Read their Restheirces section for hints and tips about writing a CV or making the most of an interview. Or call us for an informal, friendly chat to get the ball rolling.



Logo plays an important part in business branding , so today i came up with some of the best logo design from telecom and mobile industry that are unique,fresh and modern. So here we goes :-

1) Technomobile
2) Smartdroid

4) Balkan Telecom
5) Woof

6) Mobilelif
7) Mobius



A font is a most important thing you need to choose while making a logo . A font used for a logo must be simple yet stylish and it must suits brand . So today i come up with 10 best fonts which are clean yet stylish and are used as industry standard for logo making , so give them a look :-
1) Trajan

2) Myndraine

3) Xscale

4) Unispace

5) Arista

6) Delicious-SmallCaps

7) Aerovias Brasil NF

8) LT Oksana Medium

9) Cicle

10) Diavlo


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