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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

30 Most Eye Catching Celebrity Websites

Last updated on 03:47
In our day being famous automatically means having an official online presentation. It can be a simple account on a social network though, but when you are a celebrity of a national or global size – a blog or an official website is a total must have. Celebrity Websites are known for their eye opening designs and wow look.

For us fans seeing our idols’ photos wherever possible, watching their movies and videos, games, interviews and TV shows is not enough anymore. We are happy to follow them on Twitter, to see their pictures on Facebook, to read their thoughts on their blogs, to check out their personal websites. And if there is no website we feel as if there is not enough information, and that can be pretty disappointing at times.

Even though there is a lot of critique towards celebrity websites (and their absence) on the Internet, we’ve tried to really look around and find 30 most attractive and eye-catching ones that are really pleasant to surf. Take a look and do tell us what you think!

Whitney Houston

Avril Lavigne

Nicole Kidman

Mariah Carey



Natalia Oreiro

Robin Williams




Nelly Furtado

Alicia Keys

Jennifer Lopez



Lady Gaga

Tom Cruise


Tyler Perry

Bon Jovi

Brad Pitt

Leonardo DiCaprio

Maria Sharapova

Julie Roberts

Michael Jackson

Marilyn Monroe

Chuck Norris

Alyssa Milano

Amy Winehouse

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Saturday, 29 December 2012

How to Choose Best High Quality and Free Fonts to fit your Design

Last updated on 04:39
Fonts are base of every design, they can make or ruin your design. Gone are the days when all designers prefers to use web safe fonts only, today there is huge variety of free as well paid fonts is available that confuses a designer.

Every design is just like a occassion, as every occasion expect you wear a particular attire, every design expect you to use a particular group of fonts, although there is some sort of independence available here and you can experiment new things but sticking to your favorite fonts and using them everywhere as some people use to wear same coat on every occasion which was gifted to them by someone special, this policy won't take you anywhere

Free vs Paid fonts

Whether your design need a paid font or not, that really depends upon need of your design. Why to pay for something that is available for free ? that is the question most people would ask. Premium and paid fonts usually have better quality and sharpness.  Another issue while using free fonts is uniqueness of your designs. I wanted to do a deep analysis on quality checkup of fonts but Tutsplus already did it here.

Which font to choose

While creating a new design, first thing that should be kept in mind is your Users for whom you are making this design. If your users are school kids than you should use playful fonts with bright colors while experimenting this with a business website could be dangerous as people sitting in their cabins and working on excel sheets may not like those bright and loud typography.

Pairing fonts

As every font have a different personality. Every designer need to understand this differentiation and apply this to his to differentiate various parts of his design. As headings from body text, widgets from heading etc.  To differentiate different parts of a design different font groups are used. As using Sans font as heading and serif font for body text.

I saw Brian Gardner, the founder of Studiopress recommending Sans fonts for headings, i posted  a comment but he never found time to reply me. Here is the post

So today we come up with  Best free fonts for you. These fonts can be used for banners, heading, logo etc. So here they are













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Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Last updated on 03:36
Logo plays an important part in business branding , so today i came up with some of the best logo design from telecom and mobile industry that are unique,fresh and modern. Today we handpicked some neatly designed logo designs from telecom industry. It is very amazing to see mobile elements combining with words. Telecom logos are generally minimal and uses vector designs to look professional So here we goes :-

1) Technomobile

2) Smartdroid


4) Balkan Telecom

5) Woof

6) Mobilelif

7) Mobius

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Sunday, 17 July 2011

10 Best Fonts used for Logo Design

Last updated on 02:46

A font is a most important thing you need to choose while making a logo . A font used for a logo must be simple yet stylish and it must suits brand . So today i come up with 10 best fonts which are clean yet stylish and are used as industry standard for logo making , so give them a look :-
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